Circuits Training

CRC Circuits classes are full body fitness sessions that include everything from functional bodyweight movement to kettlebells, med balls, sand bags and more. These sessions are designed to blitz calories and develop core, hip & knee strength whilst improving overall upper & lower body strength, motor control, mobility & muscular endurance.


These outdoor fitness sessions are for everyone that fancies mixing it up, enhancing their training and building a little strength, mobility and injury prevention into their schedule. As always, if you feel less confident then you can begin with the Couch To 5K sessions, then just hop up onto these sessions when you feel ready, whether that's 1 week or 12 months. However, if you do fancy giving it a go, sessions are always mixed ability, so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to your starting fitness levels.


We're regularly running social activities outside of the sessions too, so you'll get to know the excellent CRC crew super fast. CRC members enjoy membership discounts with a variety of local businesses. Join in & let's get winning together!

Joining Up

Joining up to the club is simple. Just click the 'Join CRC' button on the menu above and follow the instructions. After your first free session, you can simply return to the 'Join CRC' link to complete your sign up & become a a CRC Member. That's it!

Taking the first step is always the most difficult part. Rest assured that we have new members joining almost every week, plenty of members from all over the UK & other countries and we're super lucky to have an incredibly welcoming bunch of members who are all just as keen to meet new people and make new friends. Come say hello & join the fun!