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Bristol HIIT Fitness

The Social Fitness Bristol community consists of not only the Clifton Running, Cycling, Swimming & Yoga clubs, but also Bristol HIIT Fitness & Social Heroes Adventure Club


Bristol HIIT Fitness classes on Clifton Down are mixed ability fitness sessions that include everything from plyometrics & functional bodyweight movement to kettlebells, med balls, sand bags, battle ropes, barbells and more. These sessions are designed to blitz calories, cut body fat, increase oxygen efficiency, develop core, hip & knee stability whilst improving overall upper & lower body strength, motor control, mobility & muscular endurance.


These mixed ability fitness sessions are great either alone or in combination with your run training, especially for injury prevention. They are suitable for all ability levels with exercise regressions available for those less confident at any session & progressions for those more advanced where needed too. CRC members get discounted access to Bristol HIIT Fitness by simply adding it to your CRC membership during the sign up process. All members also enjoy free access to Social Heroes Adventure Club, free access to Clifton Cycling Club & Clifton Swimming Club, plus access to lots of extras & guidance within our online community too.


CRC + Bristol HIIT Fitness

If you like variation & diversifying your training, building a little strength, mobility and injury prevention into your schedule then add these HIIT Fitness classes to your membership. You can add unlimited access to the daily Bristol HIIT Fitness classes each week for just £4.75 per week.


CRC + CYC + Bristol HIIT Fitness


Finally, as you'd imagine, we strongly advise anyone and everyone to take part in regular Yoga classes in order to prevent injury, further improve their movement, mobility, core strength & flexibility. As a CRC & Bristol HIIT Fitness combo member, you'll also get higher discount on Clifton Yoga Club classes too. For example, a Yoga class every week (Silver CYC Membership) can be had for just £6 per week when combined with CRC & Bristol HIIT Fitness.


This all means you can get unlimited access to a blend of fitness training with CRC & Bristol HIIT Fitness, plus a Yoga class with CYC every single week, access to Clifton Cycling Club, Clifton Swimming Club & Social Heroes Adventure Club & all the online community of extras for less than £18.50 per week! #WinningTogether

Joining Up

Adding Bristol HIIT Fitness and/or CYC to your membership is incredibly easy. Simply click the 'Join CRC' button on the menu above and follow the instructions to choose any combination of membership. That's it!

Taking the first step is always the most difficult part, that's why we make every effort possible to ensure that you feel welcomed & a part of the community from your very first session. Rest assured that we have new members joining almost every week, from all over the UK & other countries too. We're super lucky to have an incredibly warm & welcoming bunch of members who are all just as keen to meet new people. So come say hello & join the fun!

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