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Sessions & Times


Below you'll find the times of all Run Fitness Sessions & Long Runs throughout the week. If you are interested in adding discounted access to 'Bristol HIIT Fitness' classes to your CRC membership (fitness sessions including kettlebells, battle ropes, med-balls, plyometrics, functional bodyweight exercise and more) you can find their class times on their website here. If you are also keen to take advantage of discounted access Yoga classes with 'Clifton Yoga Club' alongside your CRC membership, you can find the daily class times on their website here. You can combine all three of CRC, Bristol HIIT Fitness & Clifton Yoga Club too for an even greater discount. Session times are also available at the bottom of every page on this website.



  • 7-7:45am - Early Birds

  • 6-7pm - CRC Run Session



  • 6:30pm - Club Trail/Long Runs

  • 7-8pm - CT5K Beginners



  • 6:45-7am - Early Birds

  • 6-7pm - CRC Run Session


  • 7-8pm - CRC Run Session


  • 10am - Club Trail/Long Runs



Aside from Tuesday & Saturday Trail/Long runs which meet on Clifton Triangle, we always meet on or near to the water tower on Clifton Down. If you head straight up Whiteladies Road, stay straight at the top as you level out onto the downs. About 100 metres ahead on the right hand side is the water tower (It's 100+ ft tall and hard to miss). It's super easy to see and there is plenty of parking right there along the main road too if you're not walking to the session. Keep an eye out for the yellow CRC T-shirts/Woolly hats. If you still struggle, there is a cafe called 'Cafe Retreat' just slightly further up from the water tower and the postcode for the cafe is 'BS9 1FG'. 


Finally, here's a map too:






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