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Couch To 5K 2023

What is a Couch To 5K?

A Couch To 5K is a training programme designed to help beginners, less experienced and less confident runners to start their running journey and reach the 5 kilometre distance without walking.


It's achievable, it's fun and by the end of it, with CRC, you'll have a bunch of new friends & be able to run that 5K distance!

Why join our Couch To 5K course?

1. Get Started

Often the hardest part about running, especially for new runners, is getting started. A Couch To 5K programme makes getting going easy, offering  appropriate training sessions for people of all abilities to get started. Staying on track? Well, that's where CRC will help you even more, along with helpful information on diet and nutrition, stretching, rest and more.

2. Get Healthy

The NHS Live Well website is full of the benefits of running - from blood pressure and heart disease to obesity and mental well being. Couch To 5K training is a great way to begin making big changes to your physical & mental health, your lifestyle, your body, your social life and the way you feel.

3. Make It Easier

Getting fit & into shape with a CT5K programme as part of CRC is so much easier. Not only do you have the social benefits, but when you take the thought process out of training & leave that to us, it can make your fitness routine so much easier to stick to & enjoy. Having set times & a 13 week course with others like you adds accountability too. Just turn up & we'll take care of the rest. This makes keeping your training on track, maintaining consistency, sticking to your goals, getting & staying in shape so much easier.

Why Clifton Running Club?

​CRC aims to be so much more than just a running club for each and every member. This community has become something else entirely over the past decade. Now, in 2022, there is so much going on in the community each week besides sessions that enable us all to lead active, sociable, healthy & positive lifestyles! For those starting out on their fitness & running journey.. well, if only we had enough fingers to count the number of times people have said that their current app or run/walk split plan just isn't giving them the drive, support, determination, motivation or follow-through that they need.


Having an incredible squad of people around you to provide continual team-support & motivation is massive. Creating a fun atmosphere at sessions makes training enjoyable. Keeping it varied, educational & progressive are also key to staying on track and successfully reaching your targets - and these things are harder to come by on your own.

From the trainer-led sessions, the progressive training progression, the fun team environment at sessions and the social community at the club, right through to the continual support and overall fitness guidance, the positive and can-do coaches, plus the opportunity for 1-to-1 personal training, yoga, HIIT fitness classes & social events... CRC has built a community, a varied session diary and a support network designed for newcomers to both succeed and flourish both in their fitness goals & socially.

With the CRC Couch To 5K classes, all run training sessions are instructor-led and bring together various beginner level abilities to train together with various forms of mixed ability run training that most beginners wouldn't even know to use. Cap these off with a schedule of progressive longer runs, including some homework runs to help top up your training & our CT5K programme will help you to achieve more than you thought possible within a rapid time-frame!

The CRC community was created to offer a super-friendly and welcoming environment, so you can join in with social activities outside of training too. CRC members also enjoy free membership with Social Heroes Adventure Club.

Finally, given that CRC is a part of the 'Social Fitness Bristol' family of clubs, you can enjoy discounted access to Clifton Yoga Club &, when you feel ready, Bristol HIIT Fitness too. Yoga is an incredibly useful way to develop increased range of motion, improved mobility & core strength too. Needless to say, HIIT Fitness classes with Bristol HIIT Fitness (including kettlebells, battle ropes, med balls, barbells, plyometrics, functional bodyweight exercise & more) are also a great way to get stronger, fitter, prevent injury & add more to your overall personal fitness regime. Remember too, once you're eating 5Ks for breakfast and your confidence is flying high..... you can also aim to move straight on to join in with the regular CRC classes each week.



If you'd like to try a free taster session, just click the links below to call, message or e-mail & quote the code "CT5KTASTER".


Although our 12 week CT5K programme begins every 3 months (Q1, 2, 3 & 4), you can also join at any point, get yourself going & continue onto the next 12 week course when it begins. Classes are ongoing every week of the year helping you to progress whenever you feel ready.


Or: use the 'Contact Us' page form

Join us & lets make 2022 your best year yet..... TOGETHER!!

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